Introduction (New start in 2006!)

Welcome to XML-OLAP.

This project is a rework of the original XML-OLAP project started by David L. Day, with slightly refocused objectives. It aims to create a standard set of XML Schemas for a client-server OLAP engine. The schema will include defining the cube outlines, and various internal operations, as well as defining communication between the client and server. SOAP will be used as the client-server communication protocol since it is XML-centric. Based on a well-formed, abstract view (in XML) of how a client-server OLAP engine should operate, this project will engage in creating reference implementations in various languages. This project aims to be language independent (aside from SOAP/XML) as well as platform neutral, although specific implementations will obviously be in specific languages and potentially for a subset of platforms.

It seems that a truly open-source, language neutral OLAP engine has yet to be initiated. There are a couple of open-source OLAP projects, but what I have seen so far seems more focused on creating an OLAP engine in a particular language than on creating an open-source definition of an OLAP engine that can be implemented in whatever language is best suited for the task, with an open communication protocol (SOAP) that would allow the client to be implemented in a variety of languages.

The essence of the revised project is however a pragmatic approach to delivering tangible results early on rather than perfecting the full model first.

NB: This site isn't about me. If you want to know about me, go to my profile page at SourceForge.

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Why do we need to focus open-source methodologies on OLAP?

Simply to provide high-quality, inexpensive OLAP capabilities to small to mid-sized businesses. OLAP is a critical business tool that should be available to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

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Major features:

  1. Real-time OLAP query.
  2. Language/Platform independent data store. Meaning data can be stored in a user-definable data store.
  3. Language/Platform independent client-server communication
  4. Unlimited dimensionality (within reason?)
  5. Unlimited number of facts per cube (within reason?)
  6. Complex calculations applicable to dimension members/nodes
  7. Multipass calculations
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How can I help?

XML-OLAP, take 2, is still in very early infancy. If you have any of the following skills, and you're interested in helping, I'd love to hear from you:

  • OLAP
  • XML Schemas
  • SOAP
  • WSDL

I can be contacted through my profile page at SourceForge.

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